Interview with Shivanjali Malik, Founder of Dastawezz

Interview with Shivanjali Malik, Founder of Dastawezz

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1. Tell us about yourself
I am Shivanjali Malik founder of Dastawezz, When I was in high school I was more inclined toward the biology field but later I realized that it was not something for me so I gave various aptitude tests, and went to career counseling sessions then I realized that I was more inclined towards law as a profession then I explored law. And then I gave CLAT where I scored a good rank I was able to crack 3 NLUs from which I choose Gujarat National Law University and I did my law from there during my college times I did 12 to 13 internships and worked with various high court and supreme court lawyers in Tier 1 Law firms as no one in my family was a lawyer I was a first generation lawyer and when I graduated know covid happened suddenly and there was a freeze in hiring all the firms so, that’s when I discovered and did my market research and thought of the idea of Dastawezz and that’s how I started building it.


2. How did the idea for your business come about?
In my final year, I found that there was a lot of gap in the legal industry because like in my lockdown covid happened and then all law firms were closed offline, CA and CS firms also got closed and after completing my studies I took lots of retainer ships in various law firms I worked as retainers where I thought that instead of working as there employees I should start my startup where I can fill bridge the gap between offline offices and I should handle my clients and so after doing a market search then I found that there is a market gap between the legal services providers and the first generation entrepreneurs that’s where the idea started of Dastawezz.
3. Can you tell us about your venture?
Dastawezz is a legal tech company that aims to provide efficacious and timely legal solutions cost-effectively. We provide personalized services to our clients ensuring complete solutions for all legal compliance and documentation issues.
Dastawezz network consists of Lawyers, CA and CS having more than 10 years of experience in various disciplines of Law. Our team consists of Legal and Business professionals who graduated from top Law and Business schools. 

Our young team of professionals is ably supported by a vast network of experienced Documentations Specialists who provide expertise in their specialized areas to team Dastawezz.

4. What are the challenges you faced to date and presently facing?
Since I was just graduated from the legal field there was a lot of experienced which is required for each lawyer then what I we did affiliations with the experienced lawyers we created credentials and today we had covered 150+ Start-Ups in 4 different countries, mentoring 1000+ founders, working in a variety of industries in various niches, and making their lives easier by guiding them through the legalities of starting and growing their businesses.
And I found that the biggest hustle of a startup entrepreneur is to get all the things done at the same place From Documentation to legal consultation, Auditing, and setting up.

5. What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
I started with a vision of building a value-based startup addressing the issues faced by fresh startup founders. 

DASTAWEZZ is an organization dedicated to the new founders to the advancement of legal awareness and provides solutions. Our mission is to build a platform of highly experienced professionals like CA, CS, and Lawyers to help Start-Ups founders to make dastawezz a one-stop solution for them.

While working with the top legal firm I found that there is a gap that needs to be fullfiled so that the coming generation does have not to face any issues while scaling their startup.

So, they did not have to move to multiple locations for multiple compliances, which will allow Start-Ups to concentrate on their products and services and leave all the hassle on us and get the best-personalized solution.

6. How did you raise funding for your venture?
I haven’t raised funding, it's completely bootstrap but soon we could raise funds.

7. How do you build a successful customer base?
We aim to provide cost-effective solutions to startups in individuals we started with that and after that, once the clients are impressed then it was very much it was word of mouth and it builds trust to know that they can talk to a lawyer who is just seating near to them always and they can talk from anywhere from any place.

8. How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?
Initially, we used social media platforms and blogs too then we started reaching out to the founder through the leads by visiting the webinars where we met with many founders there and so like this only.


9. What kind of culture exists in your organization, and how did you establish it?
To be honest, we have flexibility. I can say that because of our mission to be a doorstep solution for legal professionals. It not only motivates our team but also keeps their spirits high.

10. How do you generate new ideas?
We create a lot of content from our social media pages and what we get is basically from our past clients, and founders, then the interaction that we had with our mentors, peers, and professional experiences and from there we try to mentor new people by giving them proper solutions so they should not repeat these things.


11. What are your ideals?
My Vision, Grit, Determination, Integrity, Coachability, The Ability to Recruit and Inspire.

12. How do you define success?
For me, success is a sense of feeling that drives me through the whole process. It may be my client’s satisfaction, or my team's desire to accomplish a new milestone.

13. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
There is no such pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It's just waking up and working hard by managing your time, energy, and resources instead of being in a comfort zone yes there is no such thing as perfection so instead of chasing that if someone is thriving to achieve something that’s what differentiates a normal to a successful entrepreneur.

14. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is that I can stick to my schedule, I am my boss and can work remotely from my location from where I want, and lastly, it gives some sort of gratification.


15. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
There are two most satisfying moments in my business were when I successfully served my first client all by myself. I received my first profit in the company which was a small amount but minted a lot and the second was when I reached my first milestone by serving 100 clients.


16. What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
First make a to-do list so that your focus is clear and know what and how much time you are going to spend on each task because as an entrepreneur you have to be multitasked and have to focus on multiple tasks at all times by managing the team, talking to the clients, etc.


17. Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My Dad is my greatest inspiration.


18. Any message for the future entrepreneur
Just love the process of hustling a lot. It will reward you one day not immediately but yes it will definitely.
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